Innovation – it’s in our DNA

Investing 4% of its annual turnover in its Research & Development Department has enabled Sotralu to develop a range of innovative products, many of which represent a major breakthrough in their field.

These innovations are protected by various patents and come about as a result of a performance and optimisation-driven culture supported on a daily basis by the men and women working at Sotralu.

Muret’s site organisation has become a reference point for other players on the market.


Quality: achieving excellence and maintaining it

The excellence of Sotralu’s products and solutions lies in the company’s ability to provide its employees with a working environment in which everyone can contribute to the continuous improvement of quality. This organisation enables employees to take stock on a daily basis in order to improve processes, design and manufacturing (durability, longevity and resistance) for all products leaving the assembly lines. Their goal? To provide their customers with products that fully satisfy their current and future expectations.

This pursuit of excellence has enabled Sotralu to meet TQM (Total Quality Management) requirements and it is claimed a service rate of over 99% for Quality/Costs/Timeframes.


Customer relations, another way of measuring quality

Customer satisfaction is inextricably linked to the quality concept we have for Sotralu products.

Used as a source of inspiration and innovation for Sotralu’s creativity, customer needs and expectations are taken on board and analysed so the teams can then design, manufacture and sell entirely bespoke solutions.

Providing one single, dedicated point-of-contact combined with the monitoring offered by the “MySotralu” service ensures real-time tracking at every stage of the order process.


Clarity and transparency in customer relations

Whether for its gammists or industrial customers and, more broadly, all of its direct or indirect customers, Sotralu insists on complete transparency in terms of the commercial regulations applicable to its market.

The confidence and trust placed in Sotralu by its customers and partners is a result of this ethical approach, and Sotralu will never lose sight of its overriding objective: customer satisfaction.