Designed to meet the needs of manufacturers as well as tradesmen, this bolt  covers all locking solutions irrespective of the number of points (1 to 6 points) in one simple process, with or without an anti-mishandling device, adjustable bolts or locking cylinder.


Quick, tool-free assembly at any point of the manufacturing process, without the need for any consumables.


The composite, at the very core of the Flexis range, provides comfort and practicality at every stage of use.

Packaged Delivery

The casement bolt can either be delivered in a single-block or as part of a kit, depending on the option selected.


  • Can be used with all types of profiles, with or without channels
  • PA 6.6 12 mm x 7 mm composite faceplate with sliding zamak hooks
  • Composite lock unit, 7 mm square
  • With or without anti-mishandling system
  • Casement bolts equipped with 2, 3, 4 or 5 fixed hooks
  • Optional closing lock
  • Unique machining for all casement bolt models (excluding those lockable by key)
  • Compatible with all handles in the Chronos range
  • Sashes can be crossed without using specific casement bolts

Flexis in pictures