The concept

40 years of innovations

Since its creation in 1978, Sotralu has been driven by a desire for innovation and has successfully built up a vast network of partners that has enabled it to become the European leader in designing and manufacturing accessories for sliding aluminium doors/windows: locks, cladding, handles, rollers, etc. The strength of Sotralu’s products is that they enable both individual and professional customers to pursue their quest for quality that led them to choose aluminium. Sotralu makes installation, customisation, use (safety, comfort, ease of movement, durability) and maintenance straightforward and uncomplicated for them.

Working closely with all of their professional customers (gammists, manufacturers, joiners), Sotralu continuously strives to develop products that will satisfy its individual customers. With the most extensive range on the market and its made-to-measure culture, Sotralu is able to meet all the needs and expectations of the market players.


The key dates:

1978 – Sotralu was founded.

1998 – The first premises were built at the current site in Muret with an industrial and logistics building streamlining design, manufacturing and assembly for all parts and components.

2000 – The Research & Development unit was expanded.

2002 – The innovative Versus concept, a project born in the R&D Department, made a significant technological breakthrough in the world of sliding aluminium doors and windows.

2007 – Thierry Sainte-Claire Deville became President of Sotralu.

2012 – Takeover of the Italian company Erreti. The Sotralu Group was born.


Major innovations

  • The Versus concept, which combines all the advantages of a universal standard with stylish customisation (cladding, handles, etc.)
  • The Chronos concept, a 1 to 3-point single-block locking system based on patented “Clap” rail fixation hooks and “Safe” screws.
  • Rollers equipped with needle roller bearings specifically adjusted to the specifications of each sliding door or window (made-to-measure).
  • Offset rollers for supporting heavy or unbalanced loads.
  • The “eco-designed” Achille range of handles, blending design and ergonomics.
  • The Flexis concept, a single-block or kit locking system based on patented, easy to assemble and waste-free technology.
  • The Sesam motorised system, the only one of its kind able to control both the window casement and the locking mechanism.
  • The intuitive Novem handle, which allows you to slide the window or door and secure the lock in one single movement.

The Sotralu factory in pictures