An introduction to the Versus concept

Versus has seen Sotralu introduce the very first lock equipped with a range of different claddings and interchangeable handles. Combining customisation, ergonomics and a wide range of colours and shapes, it offers professional and individual customers a world of unlimited creativity, with an extensive range of claddings and handles in addition to a wide selection of colours and shapes. This customisation enables Sotralu to pursue its quest for quality, the very reason for choosing sliding aluminium doors/windows in the first place.


2 and 3-point locking systems fitted straight away, without the need for any machining or adjustment.


Additional points can be added to a basic lock to convert it into a multi-point lock in just a few seconds, saving time for professionals and providing users with enhanced security.


Pad printing will ensure a unique and exclusive product.



The patented fitting system for the technical unit combines speed of fitting in the workshop with ease of on-site installation.

A front face held in place using clips and handles that screw into the universal lock: it’s all very simple. Taking just 60 seconds to fit, solutions in the Versus range combine comfort, security, style and ergonomics.