As a preferred, go-to partner for professionals, Sotralu also offer a range of other products in their catalogue.
If you have any specific requests, their design office is on-hand to provide you with the expertise you need for your project.
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Joint stops: Joint stops are made using an injected alloy and are an invisible attachment device.
They can be delivered with a powder-coated finish, identical to the profile.
They are an ideal solution for preventing sashes from striking against handles and for restricting the movement of sashes.
Its bumper is available in two colours: grey and black.

Centring devices: Available on their own or used with a dedicated strike, they are used to compensate for any issues with handle uprights, making it easier to move sashes and protect bolts and strikes.

Rose window cylinder: Made using LMDS materials, these allow you to compensate for any occasions where the length of the cylinder exceeds the frame. They are available tinted, in black and white, but can also be lacquered on request.

Strikes: Available in stainless steel, zamak or aluminium; to be screwed, slid or locked into place; available individually or in a succession of strikes – Sotralu offers an extensive range of strikes specifically adapted to every lock and profile combination.

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