An international strategy

Ramping up its international development since 2012, Sotralu has gradually become a major player on the European market, to the extent that it now occupies pole position. With solid foundations in France, its international expansion strategy has been carefully thought-out and developed. This ensures its customers enjoy a level of quality worthy of the brand, wherever they are based.

Today, Sotralu Group products are distributed and sold not only across Europe but also in Africa, India, China and the Middle East.


External growth

Through the acquisition of foreign companies with expertise and knowledge in complementary markets, the Sotralu Group has an ambitious and focused development strategy. This approach, consistent with its goal of continuing to provide increasingly customised, high-quality products, means Sotralu is now able to distribute across 3 continents.


Industrial synergies

To enable its customers to benefit from its commercial and industrial development, Sotralu is always on the look-out for potential synergies with companies offering complementary products. In 2012, the takeover of the Italian company, Erreti, enabled the group to expand its range to include accessories for all aluminium joinery structures (doors and windows), while also gaining a foothold in new markets and continuing to innovate, in keeping with the company’s DNA.


The brands

Sotralu – Europe’s leader in designing and manufacturing accessories for sliding aluminium doors and windows: locks, cladding, handles, rollers, etc.

Erreti – Specialists in designing and manufacturing accessories for aluminium doors and windows.