Hebdo Color, lightning-quick delivery for “On Demand” orders

Sotralu offers delivery within 7 days for orders of handles in shipments smaller than 100 parts for all colours on the RAL colour chart, stainless steel, metallized or with a textured effect.

The benefits of Hebdo Color:

  • Delivery guaranteed in record time
  • Sotralu-certified quality
  • No stock, no obligation


MySotralu, tracking ahead of your deliveries

With MySotralu, you can  enter into the Sotralu universe and with direct track the progress and shipment of your orders, so you can optimise the organisation of your own activity.


Our PDF-library has all the answers

Developing products specifically designed to save professionals’ time is at the core of Sotralu’s commitment. In order to take this concept as far as possible, Sotralu will provide them with a knowledge and data base that includes all the product instruction manuals – editable and regularly updated versions of all the instruction manuals available with just one click.